Server Rules

Use !admin and the reason / name in the in-game chat to report an issue.

1. No deliberate repetitive teamkilling, including teamkilling in retaliation - this results in a ban. Report it to an Admin and don’t try to take matters in your own hands.

2. No excessive griefing or troublemaking such as spamming voice comms -includes impersonating a server admin. Under no circumstances is the advertising of another community, discord or any other links on our game servers allowed, without the prior authorisation from the Admin team.

3. No cheating / hacking, including ghosting the other team, or map glitching - this results in a ban.

4. No locking the recon squad unless you have another member joining the squad. Refusing join requests and remaining alone in the squad locked longer than 15mins will result in being kicked from the server.

5. No solo tanking in locked squads and refusing join requests of others. If you have a friend joining that is fine, but anymore than 15mins the squad must be unlocked or face being kicked.

6. No racism or discrimination - this results in a ban.

7. Just communicate, have fun and help others to understand and enjoy the game better.

8. The community is the heartbeat of our server, this includes not only members, but also our regulars and newcomers to our server.

9. Permanent bans are rarely appealed - you must have done something pretty bad to get to that point.

10. Wearing our clan tag without being a member of our community will result in a kick from our servers.

11. Any ban will be reflected across all our game servers.