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HLL Support Class Guide

Main Text by Bucko

Introduction & Role Overview

The Support class is vital for each squad, you are the fuel that feeds your team’s strategy. Working closely with your Officer, Engineer and Anti-Tank roles, you will provide them with the means to deploy game changing spawn points, heavy weaponry and fortifications.

The primary purpose of the Support is to help facilitate the wider plan that the Squad Leader outlines, whether that’s garrisons, supply nodes or anti-tank placements.

When moving with the squad and you have supplies you want to be towards the rear of the squad. Should the squad get engaged you have a higher survival chance and allows time to still deploy resources if requested.

You secondary role once you have dropped the supplies though will take on the role of a general rifleman in the squad (typically taking the role as a point man, so that if you die first you can spawn back in with some fresh supplies).



  • M1 Garand
  • Mk2 Grenade
  • Bandages
  • Supplies


  • Karabiner 98k
  • M43 Stielhandgranate
  • Bandages
  • Supplies

Placing Supplies:

Go to your 4th inventory slot, this will look like an open box. Once selected you will hold a wrench (same for both axis and allies).

Hold right click, this will show in front of you where you are placing the supplies (green for valid placement, grey for not valid). It is a point and place system so it will go where you look, if you need to rotate the boxes then [E] and [Q] will do this.

Once an ideal spot is found, start holding left click and wait until the supplies appear (a timing wheel will show long it takes).

Placing Supplies.jpg
Placing Supplies

Your supplies can be used in a wide variety of ways by different roles:

  • Officer – Garrison (Teamwide spawn)
  • Anti-tank – Anti-tank Gun
  • Engineer – Fortifications (Sandbags, barbed wire etc)

Where to place Supplies:

Typically the Squad Leader will give you a rough idea of where to put them, once in that area, place them in the most hidden places possible so that it blends with the environment (typically this will be around similar boxes, barns, buildings).
If placing in field, then try to place on edges or corners, if your Squad Leader wants it in the middle though then oblige (but i would politely recommend better alternatives where possible).

After Placing Supplies:

This is situational dependent, so early game if you are helping set up rear garrisons be prepared to redeploy to get fresh supplies, so that your Squad Leader can keep placing garrisons (The cost is [50] supplies per garrison).

If helping an engineer, place supplies you will place down [100] supplies and they use [50] supplies per node and there are 3 node types so you guessed it, you might need to redeploy again.

Later in the game, however, once you have placed supplies and you aren’t likely to need to place another set immediately, then take up a role as a rifleman within the squad, as you are equipped the same as them just minus the ammo box. 
It is recommended to go point if you are flanking or making a push because if you die then you will be regaining supplies in later life.

Support Tips

Here’s a few tips from regular players to help you to be more effective in the support role on the battlefield

• Supply and demand
Don’t just throw your supplies down at the first opportunity. Communicate with the roles that make use of them to ensure your supplies are placed in the most tactically viable location.

• One at a Time
When you deploy supplies your existing deployed supplies will disappear. If you have supplies already deployed in a good position consider switching classes with another squad member so your squad can have 2 supplies deployed at the same time.

• Supply Placement
When places supplies on a point with trenches, try not to block trenches with your supplies as friendly troops will have to expose themselves to avoid the obstruction.

• Unusual Positions
If you are deploying supplies look around for a high wall/hedge facing the enemy. Standing on supplies and looking over cover can give you an unexpected position.

• Team Garrisons
Keep an eye out for other squad leads/spotters/commander. Just because your SL isn’t near by doesn’t mean you can’t help build a garrison with another squad.

• Build Nodes
It’s a good idea whilst placing nodes with an engineer that you swap roles so that you can if required place 2 sets of nodes down,
View the Engineer Role Guide Page

• Go Scouting
If you think you have a bit of time before the SL or anyone else needs more supplies, don’t redeploy, but go to weird places on the map and flank.

It is possible to take out enemy outposts, garrisons and nodes this way. You gotta make sure you’re not leaving your team in a bad spot and that you’ll be right there when they need you again, and ok it with your SL before running off, so they know what you’re doing.

• Fragile Supplies
Supplies can be destroyed by the opposing team. If you leave yours unguarded and the enemy find it, your supplies won’t be around for long. On the flip side, feel free to remove any enemy supply crates you encounter by moving up to them and following the on-screen button prompt. (Any player can dismantle enemy supplies, nodes etc byholding down the ‘F’ key)

• Supports United
If your Commander decides to create a fortified location, or base, on the frontline, multiple Support roles will have to work together to ensure enough supplies are deployed to create the Commander’s plan. Talk to your Officer and use proximity chat to co-ordinate with your fellow Support players for maximum efficiency.