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Mumble is used by our competitive team for a better communications.

Download Mumble Client as this now is the mumble guide page.

Visit Mumble to Download: Mumble Client

Install Mumble

Launch the application and select “add new” in the box that pops up here

 Use the following details:

Port: 10024

Upon joining the server, please sit in a channel (you will only see one I think) and wait for someone to register you. We need you to be sat on the server for this to happen, so join it and leave it open. If you get no response after a while just pop into discord and ask for an admin to register you.

Once registered you will see the voice channels.

I would recommend setting up your shortcuts as they are in game.

Hit up the configure >> Settings


Select shortcuts, you need to set shortcuts up for the following two things. PTT (self explanatory) and Command Chat (not so important if you don’t squad lead) I have mine setup exactly as I do in-game


That’s all there is to it for the basic setup.