Skrims Defence vs Offence

Let’s have a “regular” mini-match where we play our defencive players against our offencive players. The Defending team will have a 5-10 min setup before the offencive team start to attack… After the first cap a short brief and rince and repeat 🙂

A server where it’s mandatory to have a microphone

I think the biggest problem with this game is the lack of communication in public matches. Several games have had servers where having a mic is mandatory before so it’s not an unheard of thing. Games like Squad, PR etc. There’s even a german server in HLL that requires mics and I have seen it… Read More »

Record/livestream training sessions on Youtube

So if someone wants to learn about a particular role or strategy, they can just look it up on the 82nd AD channel.

Scrims for event games

Scrim partners even if it’s small 20 vs 20 with other clans, just get some more practice in working together as a unit. I play with the same 1 – 10 people out of the 50 that we play with.