Game Tags

In one of the sections of discord we can select and emoji linking us to a game channel on discord which we can then receive a tag relevant to that game. This then allows people to ping people within the channel who have the same game to play together so that a-other members are not… Read More »

Tidy up discord

We have so many game channels on discord and many of them haven’t been used for a while- beyond the wire, days of infamy, enlisted, talvisota

New Joining the Comp Team Process.

So inorder to join in stead of requesting to be sponsored for the team, you request to be apart of a subsection on the team say for example defence. So if i was new id request to join the defence and the sub leader of it say Blithe would put me up to sponsor by… Read More »

Discord roles

Install a discord bot so people can assign roles themselves and reduce pings eg.: – seeders – tourney-team – public-events – other-games – gamenight