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New Communication System

Suggested system to ensure comms are clear and done effectively


Idea is to layer communication by hierarchy in 3 levels, with 3rd level being divided in branches to ensure clearer comms                                   

Level 1 Commander & Subcommanders (defence, offence, armour, recon, flex)  

Level 2 Subcommanders & their Branch Squad Leaders

Level 3 Squad leaders and their Squad Members

Keybindings Description & Setup

To communicate in these 3 levels we do not have to setup anything new from what we already have setup for any leaders.                   

LevelGroupsPush to Talk Shortcut
1Commander and Subcommandersbasic Mumble PTT shortcut
2Subcommanders & BranchSquad LeadersMumble whisper/shout (Command chat)
3Squad leaders and Squad membersbasic Mumble PTT shortcut
Note: Level 1 & 3 Push-to-Talk do not overlap. If commander uses push-to-talk, none of squad members will not hear him and vice-versa.          

Setup of Level 2 Comms

To set up Command chat you should add a new shortcut and choose Whisper/Shout in Function field.

Then click on ellipsis (triple dot) and tick ‘Shout to Channel’  

Click on ‘Parent’ and tick ‘Shout to subchannels’

Please, remember that we can and it is suggested to use in-game local chat to pass information to all nearby friendlies.

Numpad Comm System & Setup

(is not used by squad members, only leaders)


To add some versatility in comms, so defense can communicate to offense or tank to defense, but leave the overall comms still clear we can add Numpad bindings to each Offense, Defense & Tank squad.

This will ensure that Tank 1 squad leader can ask Defense 1 to build a repair station, and only Defense 1 squad leader will hear it. Or another example – Jekyll wants to confirm Able (which is OFF1) tank mark – so he asks OFF1 SQL’er to confirm if the mark is active – and only OFF1 SQLer will receive that information.

CMD, Leads, Squad Leaders can communicate with any Offense, Defense and Tank squads using Numpad system

This will resolve chatter issue that some squad leaders could not bare with and will make sure that tanks do not ask 20 times, before somebody actually responds, while creating chatter for the rest.

Setup of Numpad Comm System          

To set this up we need to create a ‘Whisper/Shout’ to each button using ‘Shout to Channel’                                   

Then choose ‘Platoons’ -> Assault or Defense or Armour Platoon -> Command Groups -> respective squad leader channel (see example below)

Note: Do not tick ‘Shout to subchannels’ for these keybinds

In the end it might look something like this:

Note: Due to line-up changes these keybinds might be a subject of change and might have to be re-bound before each match       

That’s basically it – This will be an experimental system for now whilst we see how we get on with it.

If you need assistance with setting any of it up please contact Tanj or Gem.